“I do fashion photography because I’m really bad at sewing” El Colombiano (Newspaper), March 2014 Medellín-Colombia


Oyuela discovered his passion for art at a young age, studying painting and sculpture for more than three years during his primary education. In 2006 he began a career in Media Arts, which allowed him to pursue an interest in film and image composition. In 2007 his first darkroom-developed image would be the catalyst to devoting himself to creating and capturing beautiful images through a lens.


He focused his effort and talent in fashion photography. The industry’s international publications and beauty icons continue to inspire him as well as the use of clothing and lighting to create meaningful art. His subsequent work in fashion has been characterized by a very important scenic charge and powerful, artistic, images driven by his fascination for beauty.


In 2010 he was fortunate enough to participate in a workshop with Ruven Afanador, one of the world’s most celebrated fashion photographers. Now at 27 years old and based in New York, he was named “Colombia’s Best Fashion Photographer” by Infashion Magazine Awards after being nominated two years consecutively with stories published in industry-leading magazines, such as Vogue LatinAmerica, GQ LatinAmerica, Rolling Stone, Infashion, Variety, and Seventeen. He is currently working on his first exhibition and plans to soon share his images with the great fashion capitals of the world.